Vegetables waiting to be used for some of the best pizza in Scottsdale.

The demand for gluten-free foods has reached an all-time high, causing restaurants everywhere to take the topic more seriously than ever. Many dining establishments have chosen to make the necessary modifications and additions to their menus in order to accommodate those patrons who have celiac disease, experience sensitivity to gluten, or simply wish to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet. Vito’s is proud to have followed suit by offering delicious gluten-free Italian cuisine that allows everyone the pleasure of dining here. Our chefs work hard to create a wide variety of gluten-free menu items that our customers can enjoy just the same as any other dish we serve. 

Why Offer Gluten-Free Options? 

Vito’s understands that it can be particularly stressful trying to eat out when you suffer from gluten sensitivities, but that doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on all the fun. We know it’s not always easy to determine what’s safe to consume, and picking the wrong meal could trigger serious health problems. So, that is why we have made it a priority to provide our patrons with a range of gluten-free choices that are easy to find on the menu and will cater to a diverse mix of taste buds. 

Why Make a Selection from Our Gluten-Free Menu? 

Our patrons can rest assured that each item featured on our gluten-free section is made with the same high quality and care as anything else that can be found on the menu. We are happy to offer many savory gluten-free alternatives to our traditionally prepared Italian selections, including items such as baked chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms, an assortment of salads, a variation of pasta dishes, different pizzas, and a flourless chocolate cake packed full of flavor. Vito’s customers are sure to be so impressed with our gluten-free options that they’ll have to ask twice just to make sure their meal really doesn’t contain gluten.

About Vito’s

Vito’s was first opened more than two decades ago in Mesa, AZ by a native Italian who dreamed of sharing his country’s recipes and love for food with America. After finding much success from delivering dishes prepared with fresh ingredients that are found both locally and imported from Italy, new owners took over and opened a second location in Scottsdale. Over the years, the caliber of food and service has remained top-notch, while the restaurant has learned how to cater to gluten-free customers with an outstanding menu.

To learn more about the gluten-free menu offered at Vito’s, feel free to browse our website or call with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you soon.