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Dining out with your young children can be a harrowing experience. Will your children like the food? Will they stay quiet and not annoy other diners? Can you AFFORD the meals they most likely will only eat a few bites of? A night out with kids can be both frustrating and exhausting, and sometimes just not worth the effort involved.

Fortunately, Vito’s is a family friendly restaurant, and to us, family means EVERYONE, no matter what your age! Bring your 2-year-old son who still pronounces spaghetti wrong, or your 92-year-old nonna who refuses to wear a hearing aid and forgets her inside voice; Vito’s is about family and families are about children.

The Food

Children’s palates are not as sophisticated as adults, so we make sure that the children’s menu dishes are suitable for the youngsters—and so very tasty! Meatballs, spaghetti, or our mac & cheese meal are a few of the favorites you will find here, but don’t forget, we have adult meals that won’t unsettle an immature stomach and that will please children with a hearty appetite. We want EVERY member of your family leaving Vito’s feeling satisfied, full, and with a big smile on their faces! Our children’s meals come with a choice of fruit, vegetables, and fries as the side, so mom and dad will smile knowing their kid can eat here and stay healthy!

Our Guests Are Our Family, and We Love Your Kids! 

Everyone who walks through the front door at either of our restaurants instantly becomes a member of the Vito’s family, and that includes your kids! They won’t have to worry about being too loud or too messy, because we know that life is loud and messy, and we love kids of all ages! The younger generation learns at the knees of the older generation, and nothing pleases us more than the sight of a large family gathered around one of our tables, laughing loudly, talking over each other with mouths full of delicious food, and seeing your children loving our food means your family will continue the tradition of becoming a Vito’s family member!

Vito’s Italian Restaurant

It’s Friday night, you don’t feel like cooking, and your kids are tugging at your shirt asking what’s for dinner. Don’t stress out, just load up the entire family and head to Vito’s for a delicious and fun meal that every member of your family will love!