The thing about pizza is that it should be difficult to mess them up. Cheese, sauce, dough, and toppings—how can any of this be wrong? Unfortunately, many places do still manage to produce less than wonderful Italian pies, and fortunately, you live in an area where you can get a Vito’s pizza whenever you like!

Not to brag, but we think (and so do our guests!) that our pizzas might just be the best you can get in this country, and we might even give some competition to pies from the old country as well! Our pizzas are made with the freshest of local ingredients and the finest imported ones. Sometimes it is just best to go to the source when it comes to pizzas, don’t you think? If you’re still not convinced, why not stop by and try some of our top pizzas that we’ve listed below?

Margherita Pizza

When you start with flour imported from Italy, cheeses from Wisconsin, and sauces made fresh each day, it’s hard to go wrong, and our margherita pizza offers all the above! We use a parmigiana reggiano four cheese blend, fresh mozzarella, sweet roma tomatoes, and basil snipped straight from the plant. This pizza is ah-mazing!

Siciliano Pizza

Any Sicilian who doesn’t get homesick for the old country after tasting this spicy pie is probably an imposter who has never set foot on the shores of Sicily! Created with our special spicy marinara sauce, salami, sausage, pepperoni, and more of that fresh basil, this is the pizza for people who love to experience a cacophony of flavors in their mouth!

Hawaiian Pizza

Ok, it’s doubtful that this tasty pizza has ever been to the old country, but it’s so good we just don’t care! We start with our famous white sauce, add Canadian bacon, toasted almonds, pineapple, and our not so secret ingredient, bay shrimp! While this isn’t your traditional Hawaiian pizza, it definitely is about to become your new favorite!

Meat Lover’s Pizza

Meatballs on pizza? Are we crazy? Nah, we just know what people like, and if we made our meat lover’s pizza like everyone else, you would think you had stepped into the wrong restaurant. This meat pie is loaded with Vito’s Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and our homemade meatballs!

Try Vito’s Pizzas Today!

Maybe you’ll discover that your favorite Vito’s pie is one you designed yourself. Our “create your own pizza” allows you full choice of our sauces, meats, cheeses, and vegetables; you are only limited by your imagination!