Vegetables waiting to be used for some of the best pizza in Scottsdale.

Why Would You Want to Eat Chicago Style Pizza?

We are sure there is a world in which people ask this question in all seriousness, but to be honest, that’s one world we don’t want to live in! Chicago style pizza comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tastes, but still manages to share one common trait: It’s perfectly delicious, and Vito’s makes it like no one else can!

The Valley is home to many Chicago imports, and when they are craving the best pizza in town, Vito’s is where they head; thousands of native Chicagoans can’t be wrong, can they? In any case, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why Chicago style pizza is the only pizza you should eat. And if you disagree? Well, we’re just not sure that we can remain friends any longer, so pay close attention if you value our friendship!

Thin Crusts Make the Toppings Stand Out Even More!

One common misbelief is that Chicago style pizzas are ALL thick crust. Chicago style comes in many sizes and thickness, and we at Vito’s happen to prefer the thin crust! The toppings we use are fresh and delicious, so why would you want to muck it up with a crust that overpowers? Thin crusts topped with fresh meats, local vegetables, and homemade sauces like our Italian nonna used to make—THIS is pizza!

Telling Your Friends You Prefer Chicago Style Pizzas Helps Make You Sound Sophisticated and Well-Traveled!

Most people don’t even realize that different cities have different styles of pizza. New York style tends to be thin, with large slices that you can fold in half and stuff in your mouth as you walk to the subway. True Italian pizzas have extremely thin crusts made with a special pizza flour and are baked in a woodfired oven. Chicago style? It’s delicious, plain and simple. And when you explain the differences to your friends, they will believe you have visited these cities and begin to admire you for your sophistication!

Chicago Style Pizza is What Vito’s Serves!

When it comes to Italian food, no one knows it better than Vito’s, so if they say Chicago style is the best, well, you have to admit they are right! You can’t argue with perfection, and the pizzas we serve are as close to perfect as you will ever find! Siciliano, cheese, or even Buffalo Chicken—a Vito’s Chicago style pizza will make your stomach happy; stop in for yours today!