The first documented use of the word pizza came in the 9th century and was used to describe a focaccia bread that had various toppings added to it. In the 18th century, tomato was added to the delicacy, giving it a resemblance to what we enjoy today. But it wasn’t until World War II that the rest of the world discovered the heaven that is pizza, when American soldiers sampled the creation and decided THIS is what our country needs.

Today, pizza is the go-to meal for harried housewives, hungry teens, and for late night snackers all over the world, and there are nearly as many types of pizza as there are humans on earth. But as far as we are concerned, Chicago style is the only way to go! Keep reading for a list of some of the honorable mentions!

New York Style

Toppings are added to hand-tossed thin-ish crust and then cut into large slices to allow for the fold-over method of eating your slice, presumably on the streets of New York. Tasty, greasy, and quick, New York style runs a close second behind Vito’s favorite, the Chicago style.

Pizza Napoletana

Also known as Neapolitan, or Pizza Napoli, this style is a favorite in Italy and is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella slices, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. The “official” pizza of Italy, it’s wood fire oven baked for that final touch of delicious. We have a Chicago style version we make at Vito’s and it is even better!

Breakfast Pizza

This all-American style invention is the perfect way to start your morning. Generally topped with eggs, cheese, breakfast meat, and a delicious white gravy as the sauce, breakfast pizzas are a unique and scrumptious addition to the pizza world!

Lahma Bi Ajeen

The Lebanese have put in their two cents with this Middle Eastern version of pizza topped with onions, lamb, cumin, and yogurt. But while it is a tempting treat, it pales in comparison with the King of Pizzas.

The Winner Hands Down

Otherwise known as Chicago style and the only style we serve at Vito’s! Contrary to popular belief, deep dish is not the only Chicago style, and our thin crust ones are addictive, delicious, and desired by valley residents and tourists from all over the world! Stop in Vito’s today and discover the delightful difference; you won’t be disappointed!