Tomatoes sititng at one of the best Italian restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ.

Sure, everyone likes to boast about “fresh ingredients.” But what does that mean? At Vito’s, we take the phrase “fresh ingredients” seriously—there is way too much at stake to use anything less. This is no overstatement: quality ingredients make the difference between a common bite to eat and a meal you feel great about.

Food That’s a Cut Above

As a rule, fresh ingredients are processed as little as possible. Why? We want to bring out the natural, wonderful flavors of our food, without stifling any of their taste with additives such as corn syrup or BHA.

For many restaurants, it’s tempting to make things convenient by using preserved or frozen foods, but these can lose flavor over time. It’s easy to throw in some kind of sweetener to mask the lost flavor, or to use food coloring to replace the lost color. Perhaps they thrown in some oil to up the fat content, and make the food seem more satisfying—at first.

But, these techniques compromise the innate flavors of the food. When using the freshest ingredients possible, the produce is perfectly ripe and the meats are meat and nothing else. This way, you enjoy the fuller, finer flavors of the food.

Healthier Food, from Alfredo to Ziti

Tastier and healthier? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a fact of fresh ingredients. With produce especially, processing takes away some of the best nutrients. Enjoy a pizza with fresh bell peppers and mushrooms instead, and your immune system will thank you. In fact, your entire body will be happier. Fresh ingredients mean less salt, less oil, and less sugar, making for better blood pressure and a healthier heart. Plus, plenty of additives are thrown in when making sauces and similar cooking staples—these can make the food harder to digest. That’s why diets low in fresh ingredients tend to leave people feeling fat and sluggish. So, eat fresh whenever possible—you’ll feel better, plain and simple!

Localized Benefits, Through and Through

To get ingredients as quick as possible, we need to look as locally as possible, from the dairies of Laveen to the farms of West Texas to the vineyards of California. This means more than just a tastier mouthful with each beautiful bite—it means that money you spend here is reinvested back into the beautiful American Southwest. When you shop at a locally-owned, locally-sourced ristorante like Vito’s, you support your local economy and community.

The Best in Mesa and Scottsdale

When we say we use the freshest ingredients, we mean it. That’s why our reviews are so positive. If you doubt the benefits of quality ingredients, come in and taste the difference!