Some of the best pizza in Scottsdale, AZ hands down.

If you love authentic Italian Cuisine and Pizza then you’ll love Vito’s. Here are a few reasons why you should have Vito’s on your speed dial for a pizza delivery!

The Pizza (Duh!)

Vito’s uses flour imported from Italy to make the dough, 100% Wisconsin cheese, and locally sourced fresh ingredients to ensure a delicious and unique experience of our specialty Chicago thin-crust pizza. This is specialty pizza at is finest!

The Cuisine

You won’t be disappointed after you’ve ordered and tried our authentic Italian dishes like our tortellini or lasagna, which have been crafted from family recipes over several generations! Take out like this is rare!

Gluten Free Menu

For those poor souls that have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, yet LOVE to indulge in a pizza or pasta, have no fear: Vito’s gluten free menu is here! This includes stuffed mushrooms on the appetizer menu, gluten-free salads like the warm harvest salad, and of course, a gluten-free pizza. But it doesn’t stop there; Vito’s has desert for you as well! Finish your meal with a flourless chocolate cake made with four different chocolates and ganache.

Delivery Made Simple and Easy

We’ve made ordering easy by giving customers an option to order delivery online! Just enter your zip code, fill out what you want to order and at what time, and we’ll get it to you using our handy dandy TakeOut Technologies app. If that’s too fancy for you, just give us an old-fashioned call. Either way, we’ll do our best to get you your pizza in a timely fashion.


Do you want to treat a whole group of people to our incredible menu? Then you’ll definitely want to order from Vito’s! We cater meals from our whole menu for birthday parties, get-togethers or business meetings! In addition to providing the delicious, mouth-watering food, we make sure you are accommodated above and beyond. This means we’ve got you covered from utensils to flower arrangements. We care about the food, but we care about families and communities having an experience as well!

Contact Us

Don’t be shy, we know you want to give us a try! Call us or visit our online delivery page today to place an order and make us your pizza delivery spot.