A Classic Among Italian Restaurants in Mesa, AZ

Parmigiana isn’t just a fun word to say (come on, admit it, you said it aloud with an Italian accent when you read this!), it’s a meal that is so delicious you try your hardest to finish the entire meal in one sitting. At Vito’s Italian restaurants in Mesa & Scottsdale AZ, it comes in three tasty varieties: chicken that is lightly breaded and seasoned to perfection; eggplant that melts in your mouth; and veal so tender you can cut it with a fork. Prepared the old fashioned way with a pinch of this, a splash of that, and a whole lot of yum, Vito’s parmigiana is a meal you will quickly become addicted to.

The simple goodness of this meal revolves around layers of fresh and homemade ingredients. We start with a layer of homemade pasta cooked to perfection—not too soft, not too hard, and definitely not too sticky. Next comes the meat (or in the case of our eggplant parmigiana, the hearty vegetable). The chicken, the eggplant, and the veal are all lightly breaded and seasoned with a mix of spices only our chef knows the secret to. The next layer consists of our favorite ingredient: cheese! We add a blend of creamy and smooth parmesan and provolone, and for the final ingredient, we top it with our special marinara sauce—a sweet and tangy mix of fresh tomatoes and spices. This sauce is the key to all that is wonderful about Vito’s Italian restaurants in Mesa & Scottsdale, AZ! After adding another layer of cheese (you can NEVER have too much cheese) we bake it until it’s hot and bubbly and ready to be devoured!