How The Best Italian Restaurants In Mesa, Arizona Cook Piccata

As one of the best Italian restaurants in Mesa, Arizona, our picattas are about as authentic as it gets. We serve them steaming hot with a tantalizing aroma that will have your mouth watering from across the room, because we remember being tortured by this same aroma as a child, having to wait for what seemed like hours before our “nonna’s” would deem the chicken piccata she had created was ready to be devoured. Fortunately for you, the wait is not nearly as long when you’re visiting Vito’s, but the taste is just as good as we remembered.

We’ve made the piccata we serve three different ways: tender chicken piccata, savory veal piccata, and for a twist, our fresh and delicious salmon piccata for those nights you find yourself daring to try something new. All off our piccata dishes are covered in white wine lemon sauce, topped with capers, and combined with a homemade fettucine cooked to perfection.

The white wine lemon sauce is created with the finest white wine you can buy; we’ve never understood the concept of a wine being good enough to cook with but not good enough to drink—what’s the point? The lemons in our piccata sauce are fresh squeezed and picked from trees not far from our desert home. An Arizona lemon is large and has just the right amount of tart; it would be a shame to use juice from a jar when our local lemons have so much flavor! Whichever you choose—the chicken, the veal, or the salmon—just one bite will remind you anew of the why you choose to eat in one of the best Italian restaurants in Mesa, Arizona care and love we put into all of our meals and have you visiting time and time again!