A Favorite At Our Mesa Restaurant

Yes, we live in the desert, and yes, the nearest ocean is hundreds of miles away, but somehow we still manage to provide mouthwatering seafood that is as fresh and tasty as that you would find on the shores of the Pacific Ocean! Our seafood risotto is a shining example of desert seafood done right; you won’t find chewy lobster with a distinctly fishy taste in our Mesa Restaurant—not a chance! Our seafood risotto comes with fresh and savory scallops that have that sweet, straight-from-the-sea taste, along with tempting shrimp without the tails (Don’t you hate restaurant expects you to take off the tails of shrimp covered in sauce?). The calamari add a unique touch to a meal that other restaurants make a tad too bland, and the slipper lobster tail is snow white, fresh, and sweet; this dish is worth ordering for the lobster tail alone!

Now, most of Mesa, Arizona’s Italian restaurants think if you get the seafood right, you can rest on your laurels and not do anything special for the risotto part, but when you visit Vito’s, you will learn this is not the case. Our attention to detail and desire to be the best Italian restaurant in both Mesa and Scottsdale means we know how important the risotto is to the dish. Our creamy parmesan risotto offers an explosion of taste on your tongue that complements the fresh seafood topping it magnificently! Save the bland and chewy for those other Mesa, Arizona Italian restaurants, our parmesan risotto tastes as good alone as it does when paired with the seafood, and it may become your favorite meal on our menu!