The Finest In-Restaurant Catering in Scottsdale

Those special celebrations in your life are made even more special when you are surrounded by family and friends, and sometimes that at-home party won’t just do. Too many people crowded together can make a mess of the home you spent days making perfect; why add to your stress when you can have your party at Vito’s with one of the best catering services Scottsdale, AZ offers? With banquet areas designed to hold large parties, a minimum of 25 people can celebrate in home-style manner while taking the stress off you on your big day!

Our Scottsdale catering specials are available in three different options. Option A gives you the choice of garden or Caesar salad, two large two topping pizzas, and a choice of one family sized pasta entrée; our specialty is the Rigatoni alla Vito’s, which comes with spicy Italian sausage, peas, and our decadent sunrise sauce. Option B offers the same as Option A, but includes the addition of one family sized chef’s specialty; our specialty chicken piccata is sautéed in white wine garlic lemon butter sauce with capers and served with pasta, and yes, we can brag—it is out of this world! Option C allows you all of the above AND the choice of two of our chef’s specialties; the chicken parmigiana is beyond delicious, but we also offer seafood dishes for a little extra charge per person, and sometimes nothing satisfies more than chicken parmesan baked in layers of cheeses and sauce and served with pasta.

Is your mouth watering yet? Whatever you are celebrating, let our in-house Scottsdale catering service help you celebrate, you’ll find a meal with us is the next best place to home, and someone else does the dishes!