The Beef Stroganoff Scottsdale’s Other Italian Restaurants Envy

While Beef Stroganoff is technically a Russian dish, once you taste the version our Italian restaurants in Scottsdale & Mesa serve, we can guarantee you will never crave the Russian version again! Our apologies go out to Count Stroganoff, a Russian diplomat and Count from the 19th-century for whom the dish was named after—some things the Italians just do better. This beef dish has traditionally been made with onions, sour cream, and mushrooms served over a bed of egg noodles, and our version has a lot of these necessary ingredients, but adds so much more!

We start with a bed of homemade fettucine (made from scratch) cooked to just the right amount of firmness. Once we are pleased with the fettucine, we then top the noodles with our special fillet seasoned in such a way that it blends with the crème sauce without clashing. Finally, the crème sauce is made out of a mix of cream fraiche (a type of sour cream sauce that is less sour than American sour cream, but just as tasty!), fresh local mushrooms, and shallots. Once it is all blended together, we sprinkle the meal with our favorite ingredient—the love of our Italian ancestors from across the centuries!

One bite of this creamy and savory dish will have you thanking the cooking gods one of Scottsdale’s Italian pizza restaurants took this classic Russian meal into their own hands, not to mention have you coming back time and again just to make sure it’s as good as you remembered. And it will be—it’s a Vito’s chef’s specialty!