An Exclusive Dish of Our Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona 

While you can get many of the same meals in both our Mesa & Scottsdale, Arizona pizza restaurants, there’s a few dishes you can only find in our Scottsdale store. We like to shake things up a bit, and if everything was the same, it would get a little boring, don’t you think? Our Chicken Risotto is one such dish.

Unique only to the Scottsdale location, if you don’t live in the area, you might find it worth the drive to try it out. And if you live anywhere near our Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, chances are you know what the fuss is all about! Our unusual take on what could be considered an old Italian classic will have you wishing for seconds, or at the very least you may find yourself sneaking bites from your spouse’s plate when they look away!

The chicken in our risotto is juicy, tender, and plentiful—hearty portions are what we are famous for! Choose between our blackened chicken sautéed in a mix of spicy herbs that gives just a little kick, or tender fresh grilled chicken prepared just the way you like it. Next, we add in fresh and local spinach sautéed in savory spices; just because you’re eating Italian doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the healthy benefits of this dark green and leafy vegetable filled with antioxidants! And finally, sharing a starring role with the chicken is the risotto. Our creamy parmesan risotto is made just like our grandma’s have been preparing it for centuries—one bite and you will be hooked! Just remember, our Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona is the only place you are going to be able to sample this delicious dish. Come get yours today!