Marsala From The Best Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale

A good Italian restaurant should be able to be judged on the standards alone; if you can’t manage to get the basics right, what makes you think you can handle the more exotic dishes? Other pizza restaurants in Scottsdale may try to make their names on their fancier dishes, but Vito’s knows that people want comfort food, and if the basics aren’t right, the customers are not going to give them a second chance! So if you’re wanting a marsala dish—chicken or veal—you’re going to want to go to a place where the chef really cares, and Vito’s marsalas are out of this world!

The secret to our really excellent chicken or veal marsala is to start with quality marsala wine. We don’t believe in skimping, and if a wine isn’t good enough to drink, why would it be good enough to eat? From your first taste of the marsala sauce, you will know how much care we put into the creation of this classic dish. The sauce, created from garlic butter, marsala, sautéed mushrooms, and shallots, will tickle your taste buds and please your stomach, while the tender chicken and savory veal adds that final touch that makes our marsalas the finest in the valley. Bite after bite and night after night, the great chefs at Vito’s Italian restaurant in Scottsdale work their magic on the classic chicken and veal marsala, bringing the taste of our homeland to yours by using only the freshest of local and imported ingredients for your dining enjoyment.