A Ribeye You Won’t Find At Those Other Pizza Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

There are many meals you have come to expect from our wonderful pizza restaurants in Scottsdale, & Mesa AZ: lasagna, piccata, even an imaginative marsala. But the one meal that may surprise you is our thick and juicy ribeye! Yes, you heard it correctly, our Scottsdale location of Vito’s serves steak, and we do it well. We’re not bragging, we’re just repeating what our customers have been telling us for years. Our ribeye’s rival some of the best steakhouses in the valley!

The steak is thick, juicy, and seared to perfection. It’s so tender you won’t need a knife, so flavorful and moist your mouth will begin watering from the moment you first cut into this heavenly slab of meat. The wild mushroom demi glaze blends wild mushrooms and succulent spices together in a sauce so fresh and tantalizing, you may be tempted to ask for our recipe—it’s that good! Fresh and savory rosemary potatoes make the perfect accompaniment to the steak and mushroom demi glaze. Dip them in the sauce or eat them plain; you’ll be thankful that our portions are hearty ones, but you will still be sad once you’ve consumed that last bite of potato—they’re addictive. And finally, a hearty serving of vegetables is the finishing touch to our gourmet Ribeye steak.

It won’t be difficult to clean this plate; the tough part will be restraining yourself from licking it clean. But remember, you can only get this delectable dish at the best Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ, our Mesa location doesn’t serve it. For those of you who live in other parts of the valley, it’s more than worth the drive to taste our incredible ribeye!