Vito’s Amazing Italian Desserts in Scottsdale, AZ

One dessert you will only find at Vito's Italian restaurant in Scottsdale.We couldn’t boast about having the best Italian food in Scottsdale, AZ if our desserts weren’t up to par, but fortunately for us, we can, because quite frankly, our desserts are what dreams are made of! Rich, creamy, and wonderful, a dessert from Vito’s is one of the top pleasures in the world!

We know that when you’re on the search for good food, Scottsdale is the first place you might look, and we want to make our shining city the dessert capital of Arizona—and we think we have succeeded! For those times only gooey will do, our Homemade Cookie & Cream will please and delight like no others are capable of doing. Sink your fork into our giant fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie topped with already melting vanilla bean ice cream; life just doesn’t get any better than this!

Our Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ is one of the only one’s that puts as much thought into their desserts as they do with the rest of their menu—our deserts are important! Make sure you leave plenty of room for the specialty of the house, our homemade tiramisu, which consists of layers of lady fingers dipped in rum and espresso combined with mascarpone cheese and topped with chocolate shavings. Hmm…maybe you should skip dinner altogether to make sure you don’t waste a single bite of this special treat! Desserts at Vito’s make smiles brighter—you really should give them a try!