For the Best Dinner in Scottsdale, Go to Vito’s

Vito’s Scottsdale Italian Restaurant is home to the best pasta Scottsdale has ever tasted. People come from miles around just for our pasta! Ok, the homey atmosphere, generous portions, and reasonable prices probably have a little bit to do with that, as well.

The best dinner in Scottsdale for die hard Italian fans. The pasta Scottsdale's Vito's pizza is famous for.

Our lasagna is a work of art, with layers of meat sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese piled high on the plate; it’s almost too pretty to eat, but we urge you to taste it anyway—it’s that good! Using only the freshest local ingredients when available ensures that every one of our pasta dishes is going to be of the highest quality and the tastiest perfection.

Our recipes are the same ones our grandmothers made, and their grandmother’s grandmother, and those grandmother’s grandmothers—why fix something that isn’t broke? But because we don’t believe in resting on our laurels, you can trust us to add to the menu upon occasion. You can’t move forward if you are continually looking backward, and our rigatoni alla Vito’s or Penne Genovese are proof that perfection comes as our own recipe of Vito’s Italian Sausage. It might just be the best dinner in Scottsdale you have ever had!

At Vito’s, we work hard every day to make sure our menu is filled with savory foods and delectable desserts that entice you to make our Scottsdale Italian restaurant your local hangout!