Vito’s: Home of the Best Soup & Salads in Scottsdale, AZ

Where do you go when you’re looking for the best soup in Scottsdale? Where do you go when you’re looking for the best salads in Scottsdale? And where do you go to find best combinations of both? Vito’s, of course! Are you surprised?

Our soups are rich and aromatic; you can just about taste the love that goes into them. We serve a special soup of the day that changes, well, every day! And just because you are eating salad for lunch, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a thick juicy steak; our gorgonzola steak salad combines bistro tender steak with mixed greens, crispy onions, tomatoes, croutons, balsamic drizzle, and gorgonzola topped with our special balsamic vinaigrette; we think we knocked it out of the ball park with this unique salad! Our mango shrimp salad is another crowd favorite. We believe it’s the way the blackened jumbo shrimp mixes so well with mangos, candied walnuts, bleu cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, and the homemade mango vinaigrette that adds a final taste explosion!

We know you have a lot of Italian options in Scottsdale to choose for your soup and salad lunch, but we hope that our name is the first one that pops in your head and that you find yourself coming back again and again and again!