The Best Pizza, Pasta, & Seafood Menu in Mesa, AZ

Vito’s is proud to have two locations available for your dining pleasure, but variety is the spice of life, and our menus aren’t interchangeable; different locations have different tastes, and as such, we work hard to maintain our title as being one of the best Mesa, AZ Italian restaurants.

The best pizza our Mesa, AZ location serves. One appetizer only the best Mesa, AZ Italian restaurants serve.

Our menu is full of crowd pleasing favorites like lasagna, pizza, steak, and pasta dishes, but it’s the attention to detail that makes our meals comfort foods. Our sandwiches feature fresh breads, veggies straight from local gardens, and meats and cheeses your Italian grandmother would be proud to serve in her own kitchen. Most of our pasta recipes have been passed down through the ages with little or no changes, but some have been updated or created to bring pleasure to the palates of today’s diners. Want seafood in Mesa, AZ? We not only have that, our seafood rivals that served in some of Florida’s best restaurants!

Diner’s flock to our restaurant for community, for socialization and for the best steak in Mesa, AZ. Yes, this family run business is famous for more than having the best pizza in Mesa, AZ; all the food we serve is delicious, hearty, and filling. How many other of Mesa, AZ’s Italian restaurants can say that?

In our busy world today, home cooked meals have become a casualty, but you can have the next best thing at Vito’s. We season our food with laughter and spice it with love. We want you to leave here with a belly full of our homemade pasta, a smile on your face, and even a warmth in your heart that comes along with good times, great meals, and time spent with those you love the most.